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Product development, Co-Innovation with customer, Patent and Research area

Product Development:

Medium, Small and Micro Scale Enterprises (MSME) are the backbone of large organizations. They always thrive for excellence to build a quality product to the global standard. Though they are domain experts, hiring and retaining Design/CAE professional is always challenge considering future growth and cost incurred. eBHARAT fits into space with young design and CAE engineers.

We are enjoying to work with MSME in product development process where MSME build the Physical product from their Ideas. The journey along with MSME become seamless because our industrial experience, design skills, expertise in CAD/CAE tool, manufacturing understanding and in-house tool room facilities. Our engineers understand the design requirement, product functionalities and expectations to convert their Idea to reality. Within a year, design validation, design improvements, tooling and job developments are now part of life at eBHARAT.

Taking inspiration from MSME, eBHARAT now started in-house product development and tool room activities.

Co-Innovation with customer:

Currently we working on designing a unique product. From last six month company working on the ‘Bearing’ manufacturing for one of our clients. It has been designed differently and soon the company is going to have ‘Patent’ for the same. In this technical breakthrough all technical support i.e. design, analysis and on field physical testing done by abhorrent. Here company playing an important role in this invention.

Patent & Research area:

We consider R&D as a support to success and therefore, are interested well into extensive research & development activities. With the active contribution of R&D, we have grown in our sphere of operation. Product development of Sulabh stand under process of patent registration

We Support

Services CAD, CAE, ANSYS

Mechanical Engineering Services (MES):

All industries face challenges like time-to-market and y-o-y productivity enhancement. Consumers today seek more freedom to choose products that satisfy their requirements in terms of cost, quality, functionality and serviceability. Design/CAE Engineer is key role to ensure all above during initial phase of product and sometime during service life. Hence, CAE tools play a vital role in product design and service life.

eBHARAT Services offers solutions across the value chain from create to validate to build and support making it a unique one stop solutions provider for Mechanical Engineering Services. We have a proven track record of offering end-to-end Mechanical Engineering solutions for customers Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Heavy engineering verticals helping design faster, reduce cycle times and performance improvements. Also, eBHARAT helps to do root cause analysis of products using CAD/CAE tools which observe failure during service life. Experience and qualified pool of mechanical engineers, highly developed processes, domain knowledge and advance CAD and CAE tools are available at eBHARAT. This helps showcase our knowledge base for effective approach on any given exercise. We are capable of taking up any product from our focus areas, align our thoughts and design, simulation methods and support it till the design gets approved and implemented. Though Mechanical Engineering services are a part of entire product development process, we see ourselves as a custodian of your product engineering, design and validation requirements.

With a handful of experience in Design by Formula (DFA), acquaintance with pressure vessels codes and manufacturing knowledge, eBHARAT DNA is Design by Analysis (DBA) which we implement using ANSYS and other CAD tools. With ANSYS expertise and decade experience of the leadership team, Team eBHARAT is always ready to more challenges.

Based on the end application of the product, eBHARAT offer service in two major sectors i.e. Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) and Manufacturing Engineering Services (MFE). Our CAE service mainly cover different type Design and simulation services where engineer used software tools to execute jobs. Whereas in manufacturing Engineering Services, our team provide support in Jig fixture design, material handling systems and equipment design which are required at shop floor to ensure product delivery.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE):

Sectors: Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Heavy Engineering, Pressure vessel & Heat Exchanger

Manufacturing Engineering (MFE):

Sectors: Material handling, Production Engineering, Shipping & Transportation

Types of Design Analysis
  • Static Structural
    Linear & Non-Linear (Material/Geometry /Status)
  • Structural Dynamics
    Modal, Harmonic, Transient, Seismic, Random Vibration, Frequency Response, Rotor dynamics, transient dynamics
  • Advance Analysis
    Buckling, Explicit Dynamics, Drop Simulation , Shock Simulation, Blast Simulation, Coupled Field, FSI, Rigid Body Dynamics, Shape optimization
  • Fatigue
    High cycle, Low Cycle , ASME code based
  • Thermal
    Steady State, Transient, Couple Field, Thermal Electric, Thermal Structural
  • General
    Formula Based Code Design, Engineering and Drafting, ANSYS ACT

We teach

Corporate training

Corporate Training:

With market demand for new product, pressure on time to market, engineer’s jobs are getting tougher. Going for prototype or pilot project costs to the company a lot in terms of time and money. The state of the art technologies like CAD / CAE/ CFD tools helps to over these obstacles. Lots of Software available in the market but organizations main challenge is to develop skilled engineer to handle such software effectively.

With a decade of industrial experience in ANSYS, leading CAE software worldwide, eBHARAT conducts corporate training courses in ANSYS Mechanical. Also, eBHARAT is preferred corporate trainer and technical support partner for one of ANSYS national distributor.

Within a span of a year, team eBHARAT conducted more than 50 days’ training for different corporates for different levels of professionals. Team eBHARAT mastered the skill of teaching and conducts introductory to advance courses in ANSYS Mechanical. Also, customized trainings are conducted to address customer requirements.

The handful of industrial experience of 10 years, we are capable of conducting ANSYS courses combined with requirements of ASME BPVC Section VIII and Section III.

Courses offered